The K-Promise


Do you remember the last time a friend told you about a new app that would make your life easier or better in some way? Did you immediately download it? Wait until you heard about it from another friend too? Or did it take you months before you finally caved in, realizing you were late to the party?

All of the technology in the world won’t make a true difference in your life if you don’t feel connected to and cared for by the brands that deliver it. Kalhatti’s platform is designed to immediately provide you with the ability to improve your life and financial future from the moment you download it.

Our sole purpose is to provide you with the power to invest small amounts in a vast number of global assets, in a way that fits your lifestyle and your goals. We are here to provide a solution to a persistent problem—the inability to invest small amounts in the global brands, assets, and companies you care about. But we aren’t just patching a hole or repackaging an existing product. We are rethinking all aspects of investing, how to use tokenized securities and cryptocurrencies, and how to make your interactions with our app fun, exciting, and even magical.

"Technology becomes truly useful when it becomes fully invisible" - Dev Mukherjee

Our commitment to you is to deliver a seamless platform that captures your imagination, encourages you to think beyond what you previously thought possible, and allows you to interact with global brands, assets, and companies in a way that was never possible before. Kalhatti thrives on revolutionizing the way you view investing and your future.

Our satisfaction comes from your success. When you turn on your phone, and open the Kalhatti app, your possibilities are limitless. You can view your current portfolio, easily access new investments, cash out to make a major purchase, or quickly share an investment tip with a friend. The magic is in the empowered experience of owning your financial future, safely and with very low fees, from the comfort of your own phone.

We understand that new challenges will constantly emerge, that security measures will constantly evolve, and that the global financial landscape will always be in flux. Kalhatti is here take care of all of the details so that you can focus on your own work, your interests, your family, and your friends.

At Kalhatti, we celebrate the growth, improvement, a commitment to understanding a problem and implementing intuitive and innovative solutions. We crave success for our users and promise to do our best at delivering an awe-inspiring product that empowers you to realize the financial future of your dreams.

Sony Joseph