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There is nothing like a dream to create the future. -Victor Hugo

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. -William Shakespeare

These extraordinary quotes are more than famous words that look nice on a Pinterest project. These quotes express the vision of the Kalhatti team: we have a dream that we can create a better financial future for millions of people around the globe.

Our plan for making this dream into reality is based on delivering a revolutionary micro-investment platform to the world. The tenets around which our platform is built are unfettered global access, fractional investments, and cross-jurisdictional regulatory compliance.

Kalhatti divides large, seemingly inaccessible assets into fractional pieces that we call “financial sachets.” These small pieces are the key to providing investment access to the masses. The ability to start investing just small amounts—perhaps equal to the cost of a snack or a beer—is what empowers investors to take ownership of small or large portions of a diverse offering of global assets.

By utilizing tokenized securities and blockchain technology, Kalhatti will open up currently-unattainable investment opportunities in assets, brands, and companies to millions of investors in emerging global markets. The Kalhatti platform will allow investors to own assets across the globe. We envision an investor in India accessing US securities, or an investor in the US buying into companies listed in China, or someone in Indonesia investing in real estate in another part of the world. The assets will thrive based on the Kalhatti community, and Kalhatti's users will increase their financial stability and opportunities.

Kalhatti will establish itself as a trustworthy partner. We will take responsibility for the legal details. We deal with regulators, we guarantee legality and legitimacy of assets and transactions, we provide industry-leading security measures.

We love to partner with companies who have a similar vision of enabling billions of potential investors around the globe to own their financial futures to join us in making the vision a reality. Kalhatti believes that we are stronger together, and we can complement each other to help individuals realize the future's unlimited possibilities.

If we have sparked your interest and you would like to learn more about becoming a part of the Kalhatti community, please contact us directly!