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Any Time. Anywhere.

Unrestricted global access.

Kalhatti delivers global brands, assets, and companies directly to your device, allowing you to invest any amount at any time. Choose to own small slices from hundreds of assets, or go big on your favorite brand. There are no border restrictions and extremely low transaction fees. And you can enter your order even before the markets open.


Simple. Affordable.

Invest with confidence.

Our goal is to empower your life. We take care of the details so you can focus on the important things, like choosing which assets you'd like to own.

You decide how much or how little you invest, and which companies and assets deserve your hard-earned cash. There are no hidden costs and no border restrictions with low transaction fees,


Financial Sachets.

Start small. Invest often.

Kalhatti empowers you to easily invest small, even tiny, amounts so that you can own pieces of assets that matter to you.



Safe. Secure.

A partnership you can trust.

We care about your financial freedom, and we care about protecting your investments. Utilizing blockchain, secure encryption, and multiple safeguards, we prioritize your security.

Kalhatti works with partners who comply with regulations in each of the jurisdiction